Privacy Policy

Privacy of our website visitors is the primary priority of Femriya. We never collect any personal details like visitors financial information and gender it is a vital part of our privacy policy.

We never share your collected information with third parties unless to comply with legal procedures and to improve our business to give a better user experience to our visitors.

Please continue to read this privacy policy to know more. This privacy policy is applied for what data we collect through online. Meanwhile, it doesn’t apply for the data we collect offline.

Information we Collect from our Visitor’s

We collect user data such as email ID and first name to keep engaged you with us by sending the latest news and updates from our website via the newsletter.

Along with the newsletter, we also collect our visitor’s details in three ways.

  1. Comment
  2. Contact form
  3. Cookies


You can comment to our article using our comment box. Currently, we are using WordPress default comment system.

We will ask your website site name and email addresses to ensure your comment is genuine. The information you entered in the comment box will use to our promotional purpose.

Contact Us

We put contact forms in many places on our website. It is useful for you when you want to contact us. You can contact us for any time for any reason.

If you have any queries and feedbacks, you can contact us through contact forms. We ask you to fill name box and email address on contact, it necessary to get a response for your feedback and queries.


We collect information like email address and first name of the subscriber via newsletter. We will never ask for any personal information like gender and financial data.

If you subscribed to our newsletter, we would send you an email every Friday.

We hate spam, so we will not send spam messages to you. You can unsubscribe our email any time.

Cookies – Privacy Policy

Yes, we use cookies, it is a small file that will save on your browser only if you gave permission. We use two types of cookies. First one will delete when you leave website another one will exist on your browser even you leave the site.

Cookies will help us to understand our visitors. However, it helps us to give personalised service to everyone.

What we do with collected information
  1. We use it to send promotional emails.
  2. Will use to inform about the latest updates and news from our blog.
  3. We use your information to review our performance.
  4. To investigate/protect from spam and illegal activities
  5. We use your information to measure our performance to give a personalised interface to everyone.
  6. To give a reply to your comment, suggestions or queries.
  7. We use your information to make our marketing strategy.,
We Never Share your Personally Identifiable Information

The personally identifiable information we collect from our visitors will not share, sell or rent with anyone unless to comply with legal procedures. Usually, we don’t receive personally identifiable information.

We collect non-personally identifiable information from our visitors, and we will share this information with third parties for various reasons. Look below to know more.

  • Tracking: we use Google Analytics to track our website performance. However, Google Analytics will not gather your personally identifiable information. It helps us to determine the number of page visitors, geographical area, visitors language etc…
  • Newsletter: We use MailChimp for email marketing. Thus they store email list and help us to send emails and gather email address. They will track the performance of our email marketing such as how many click and conversion we earned.
  • Remarketing: we use conversion pixel and remarketing cookies from Google and Facebook to deliver special offers for you.

These third parties will not collect your personally identifiable pieces of information, and we recommend you to read their privacy policy.

Affiliate Link and Ads

You can see plenty of affiliate links and ads on Femriya; we are not responsible for the privacy policy of such other sites.

This Femriya privacy policy applies only to the information collected by Femriya. We suggest you read the privacy policy of every site when you leave Femriya.

Changes and disclaimer

We have many websites; this privacy policy will affect only for, we are responsible for updating this privacy policy immediately after we made any changes in our policy.

We may share your details with third parties to comply with legal procedures when it is necessary.

Send mail to if you have any queries about our privacy policy.